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Thank you so much for choosing to volunteer at our nonprofit! At Faith in Humanity we truly believe its our volunteers that make the real difference! 

Please include the following info so that we are able to contact you and direct you to any other info needed. 


Best number to text:

Volunteer option (please include the necessary info): 

1. Adopt a barrel: Which location would you like to adopt at?

2. Logging and Organizing: What date is best for you (see options on main page)?

3. Play Santa: How many families would you like to help? What date would you like to pick up (12/9/22-12/16/22)?

4. Toy drive event 12/11/22 (set up time is 7:30AM)

5: Hair dressers only: License number


Thank You again and we look forward to seeing you!


Mission Statement

Our mission at Faith in Humanity Inc. is to provide essential services and resources to individuals and families facing emergencies, such as domestic abuse, homelessness, injury, and loss of a loved one. Our goal is to create and facilitate a hub that offers access to a range of programs and services designated to meet the immediate needs of those in crisis, including crisis counseling, temporary housing, financial assistance, and access to medical care and legal resources. In addition, we serve as a hub for community-minded individuals and organizations looking to make a positive impact in their local communities. Through our resources and partnerships, we help connect individuals with opportunities to volunteer, donate, and support a variety of causes and organizations working to make a difference. We are committed to creating a supportive and inclusive network of resources for those in need, and to empowering individuals and communities to make a meaningful impact in the world!

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