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Clark County Helping Hands

You are not alone. We are here to not only connect you with other organizations that can supply your needs but we also have resources.

Through this platform we will easily bring the community and nonprofits together, as well as help connect with other nonprofits that may be beneficial partners for them. Not only will all services and nonprofits be one click away from those that need services most, but through our calendar of events the community will also be able to post volunteer needs, donation requests, and more. Currently our goal is to raise awareness and service those in need using our networking skills.

List of past Events

Christmas toy drive 11/1/21-12/24/21

Back to School drive 8/7/22

Networking childrens event 10/21/22

Halloween costume collection 10/1/22-10/27/22

Christmas toys collection 11/1/22-12/3/22

Santa Delivery 12/9/22-12/16/22

Toy drive 12/11/22

List of future events

Mission for Humanity Foodie Fest June 17, 2023 5PM-7PM

Back to School drive July 29, 2023 10am-1pm

Collaboration with local schools

Faith in Humanity (FIH) is working with Silverado High School to implement Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in schools. SEL plays a crucial role in the overall development and well-being of students, helping them build essential skills for success in school and life.

By focusing on SEL, schools can create a supportive and inclusive environment that nurtures students' social and emotional growth. These skills include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. Implementing SEL programs can lead to improved academic performance, reduced behavioral issues, increased resilience, and enhanced interpersonal relationships among students and teachers.

FIH's commitment to identifying and addressing community needs through connection, collaboration, and resources is commendable. By bringing SEL as a transformative solution to Silverado High and other schools, you are taking a proactive approach to promote the well-being and success of students.

SEL programs provide opportunities for students to develop empathy, emotional intelligence, and positive social interactions. These skills are vital for fostering a sense of belonging, reducing bullying and violence, and cultivating a positive school climate. Additionally, SEL equips students with the necessary tools to navigate challenges, manage stress, and make responsible choices.

FIH's collaboration with Silverado High School demonstrates the organization's dedication to improving education and supporting the holistic development of students. By integrating SEL into the school curriculum and creating a comprehensive plan for implementation, you can make a lasting impact on the lives of students and the overall school community.

If you'd like to be included in our work in progress program or would like to donate to fund please message us! We look forward to hearing from you!

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S.E.L.F Social Emotional Learning for Faculty

Introducing S.E.L.F. (Social Emotional Learning for Faculty), a pioneering company dedicated to supporting teachers in their social emotional wellness. At S.E.L.F., we firmly believe that whole, happy, and healthy teachers have the power to change the world.

 Teachers equipped with strong SEL skills bring a transformative energy into their classrooms, positively impacting the next generation. We are here to empower educators on this incredible journey.

 Through personalized one-on-one coaching, we provide the guidance and support teachers need to cultivate their own social emotional well-being. Our expert coaches are dedicated to helping educators navigate the challenges and find balance, ultimately fostering a sense of fulfillment and purpose in their profession.

 In collaboration with the prestigious Alchemy Institute, we offer a comprehensive course specifically designed to enhance SEL skills. This immersive experience equips teachers with practical strategies and tools to create a nurturing and inclusive classroom environment.

 Professional development is at the core of our mission. Through workshops, seminars, and interactive training sessions, we provide teachers with the knowledge and resources to further develop their SEL competencies. By investing in their personal growth, educators become catalysts for positive change within their schools and communities.

 Join S.E.L.F. on this transformative journey toward social emotional well-being. Together, let's empower teachers, change lives, and shape the future. Because when teachers thrive, the world thrives.


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Daily we are taking in donations.... If you or your family would like to be added to a volunteer list please click the link we would love to add you to our list.


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We are always looking for Hairdressers for our events! if you have a license and love giving back..this ones for you! Click link!


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If you are in need of services please contact immediately and we will do our best to help or find the right nonprofits that can. Click link

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Our goal is to raise awareness and service those in need using our networking skills. Let's Make History by changing the way people seek help.

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